ACE 1 & 2 at Hamilton Road

ACE 1 & 2 is currently undergoing upgrading works. Gradually all our tenants will get to sleep on new beds and mattresses as well as new wardrobes. All rooms will undergo repainting at some time. Amazingly, these will all be done without sacrificing the comfort of the incumbents .Check out the new beds: After 30 […]

Ace Lodging 3 & 4 River Valley

Instead of snow we get lots and lots of rain in Singapore every year end. Consequently , many of the rooms in Ace 3 & 4 are experiencing dampness resulting in the formation of disgusting moulds. To prevent from further spawning, residents are encourage to air the room constantly. Leave the wall fan and extractor […]

Ace Suites @Sims Avenue

The ending of 2014 marks the beginning of 2015 and it signifies the beginning of yet another interesting but challenging year for Ace Suites. Some of our 1st batch of tenants will be leaving SG soon as their contract expires and consequently we have to search for new tenants. Searching for new tenants aren’t easy […]